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Mar 25, 2011 12:00pm EDT
at a dance last weekend. >>> the deadly earthquake and tsunami that battered northern japan two weeks ago today. the country is still reeling. but there has been another setback. manuel gallegus has the latest. >> reporter: the fukushima daiichi plant has a new problem. japanese officials think that highly radioactive water is leaking from one of the reactors. they're concerned that the core may have been breached. >> this creates the possibility of a much larger release of radiation into the environment. than we have seen to date. >> reporter: officials became suspicious when two workers stepped in water with radiation levels 10,000 full-times higher -- times higher than previously detected. they suffered skin burns from the exposure and were wished to the hospital. -- rushed to the hospital. nuclear experts are in constant communation with the officials. the prime minister said the situation is still very grave and serious. workers at the plant have made some progress running power lines and restoring electricity to control rooms, but setbacks continue. now even more residents are b
Mar 24, 2011 12:00pm EDT
totality of the destructive earthquake and resulting tsunami in japan continues to grow. the death toll has climbed to nearly 10,000 with another 17,000 people missing. meanwhile, residents in tokyo are finding empty shelves at grocery stores because radiation contamination from the crippled nuclear plant has caused many people to hoard supplies. >>> in a show of solidarity with the victims of the japan disaster, organizers of the cherry blossom festival are holding a walk tonight around the tidal basin. the flowering trees that symbolize america's friendship with japan will be at their peak between march 29th and april 1st. this is a sure to bloom period than previously predicted. a horticulturist says that the cherry trees are already in the puffy white stage which means that we are only about four days away from the peak bloom. >>> the search for missing military wife and mother is intensifying. investigators are combing through part of the loudoun county parkway looking for evidence, related to the disappearance of 21-year-old bethany ann decker. decker has not been seen since
Mar 28, 2011 12:00pm EDT
9news now at noon, radiation in japan. crews are struggling to pump out hundreds of tons of contaminated water in a crippled nuclear reactor. we'll have the latest on that operation. >> reporter: president obama will address the nation tonight on the mission in libya as rebel forces gain more ground on gadhafi's troops. i'm danielle noting ham. i'll have the latest from the white house. >>> we're turning our attention now to the latest in operation odyssey dawn. president obama is scheduled to address the nation this evening on the mission in libya. meanwhile, rebels inside the war-torn country are advancing on loyalists positions. danielle nottingham has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: rebels are setting up check points outside moammar gadhafi's hometown. they reached this last government stronghold on the road to tripoli after sweeping across more than 200 miles of the coast. coalition forces made the rapid advance possible. missiles from fighter jets and ships are striking gadhafi's air defenses and ground forces. the u.s. is getting ready to transfer leader
Mar 3, 2011 12:00pm EST
between march 29th and april 3rd. 100 of the original trees that were a gift from japan in 1912 are still standing. >> basically what this means is you're going to open a festival with cherries and they're probably going to bloom in the middle of the festival and if the winds and the rain hang on, you might have until the end. keep in mind that 2008, they lasted 17 days. last year, they only lasted 10. >> the cherry blossom festival runs from march 26th until april 10th. and for the first time ever, there will be a $5 fee for the japanese street fair. but most of the events are free. >>> coming up next, howard and his forecast. >> j. c., some kind of cold out here. still in the 30s, the sun, well, it's deceptively cool because of that. one good thing this has blocked down some of the allergens. grasses and weeds and mold is low. a warming trend and some rain on the way as well when we return. >>> money, money, money, money, we're trying to give money away from state and city treasuries, $2 billion to be specific. money that is yours but may not know about it. it comes from forgotten
Mar 22, 2011 12:00pm EDT
families evacuated from japan begin arriving here in the united states. >> some progress and more problems for japan's crippled nuclear power plant. i'm randall pinkston at the united nations. i'll have that story. >> the barry bonds pecialgry trial is underway in san francisco. bonds, an all-time home run king is accused of lying to a grand jury about taking steroids. in another development, bonds' former personal trainer is expected to be jailed today on contempt charges. the trainer, greg anderson, is refusing to testify. >>> sentencing will be handed down today for football hall of famer lawrence taylor. taylor pled guilty to sexual misconduct for patronizing a 16-year-old prostitute. under a plea deal, the x- linebacker is expected to receive parole. taylor will be required to register as a sex offender. >>> we're now turning our attention to libya. a u.s. fighter jet has crashed over eastern libya but the two american pilots inside are safe. joel brown has more. >> reporter: libyans are coming to see the wreckage of a u.s. fighter jet sent to protect them. the military said
Mar 31, 2011 12:00pm EDT
clark, cbs news. >>> now to the situation in japan. as the country struggles with its nuclear crisis, more international experts and equipment are being sent to help. but rising radiation levels are making it difficult to recover victims and to stabilize the crippled nuclear plant. japanese authorities say more bodies are being found in cars, rivers and in streets. it is estimated that the death toll will eventually hit 19,000. authorities have started sampling soil outside of the no man zone near the power plant. results are being set to be announced actually next wednesday. >>> a private funeral will be held today in new york city. for former congresswoman geraldine ferraro. she was the first female vice presidential nominee on a major ticket. ferraro died over the weekend at the age of 75 after a long battle with cancer. >>> some trouble for council member marion barry again. this time, it is car trouble. it concerns his jaguar. we'll have details right after the break. >>> and are you used to parking for free on the weekends? well, that could soon change. we'll explain when we co
Mar 23, 2011 12:00pm EDT
the japan disaster. there is black smoke coming from one of the damage reactors and workers have been pulled back also. radioactive iodine found in tap water in tokyo is twice the recommended amount for infants. although harmful to children, however, the water does not pose an immediate health risk for adults. new estimates now put the cleanup cost from the quake and the tsunami at more than $300 billion. >>> in olney, maryland, investigators are awaiting ballistic tests in order to determine if two murders are connected. the murders happened just miles from one another in four days. but so far, there has been no official link between these two murders. the test results could change that. our surae chinn has more information. >> reporter: two unsolved murders within days of each other in olney had residents very concerned. >> it is shocking and it is strange and it is scary. >> the investigation has turned to the possibility that the two crimes might be linked. 41-year-old punyasara gedara gunned down in a drive-by shooting in the heart of olney on north high street. >> i can't believ
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7